The company

DEVEXTER Business Development is the fruit of founder Emmanuelle Guillerot’s commitment to helping medium-sized businesses expand internationally.

Foreign SMEs have formidable strengths: creativity, responsiveness and quality control are major competitive advantages in a French market dominated by large groups.

But the obstacles are many: availability of in-house resources, cultural differences, language, high travel costs, lack of information about market conditions, and distance from design and prototyping sites to name but a few.

Because every company is unique – by virtue of its history, its ambitions and the personality of its leaders, at DEVEXTER Business Development, we propose tailored solutions for your success on the French market

At DEVEXTER Business Development, we provide both analysis and coordination

  • a strategic view
  • a multi-faceted approach
  • a rigorous method

DEVEXTER Business Development embodies a way of thinking:

  • value creation
  • recognition of the human factor
  • continuous improvement

 We have delivered tangible results in each of our areas of intervention.

  Sales strategy

  Business Development

  Multicultural organisation and intégration

Thanks to our partners, we can also provide you with support in the following strategic areas:

  • B2B direct marketing
  • product and merchandising
  • online, e-commerce and digital
  • multi-channel
  • engineering, design and prototyping


Devexter's DNA is developping new markets